Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Drink Soda - Get Diabetes! Recent Study Shows the Relationship Between High Fructose Corn Syrup & Diabetes

Forget the fact that it has been written about in various health and diet books for the last several years, but a recent study find a link between the consumption of high fructose corn syrup and diabetes.

The study was done linking the high fructose corn syrup (aka: HFCS) in common everyday sodas. But here's the problem with the stinking thinking of the day. You'll read or hear about excerpts of this study and stop your children, your spouse and yourself from drinking soda. But, over the past 30 years, HFCS has become the sweetener of choice FOR EVERYTHING!

Don't believe me? Go back my December of 2006 blog post Is Yogurt As Bad As Soda? Do you think it ends there? Nope! Go to your local grocery store and start reading the labels of:

1) The juice boxes & juice bags you buy your kids for their school lunch.
2) Most cranberry juice & other juices
3) Yogurt
4) For you Soy addicts - Tofutti Ice Cream
5) Most grocery store breads, yes, even including "whole wheat" breads
6) Most candies, cookies and sweet snacks (which also contain hydrogenated oils)
7) Most alcoholic drink mixers (check that bottle of sweet stuff mix with your alcohol)
8) Salad dressings
9) Most Ketchup
10) Most children's breakfast cereals
12) Hot Cocoa Mixes & Chocolate Milk Mixes
13) Gatoraide & Poweraide
14) and much much more...

The reason many of you are diabetic and pre-diabetic is because you can't get away from this un-natural man-made horrible crappy cheap as hell artificial sweetener. It should NEVER be consumed by humans (the same as hydrogenated oils should never be consumed). The only reason they put it in our food (well, in your foods because I don't eat anything with HFCS) is because it is very inexpensive to produce as compared to real sugar and therefore it makes for bigger corporate profits. Big business makes more money, we get sick and die.

Our bodies were never meant to consume it, therefore it will harm you, and eventually it will kill you. And....it will kill you ever so slowly. Apparently, diabetes is its murder weapon.

I love when science proves me right.


So, Here's To Your Health (Raising a glass of pure water)


Dr. Narson is a 2-term past president of the Florida Chiropractic Association’s Council on Sports Injuries, Physical Fitness & Rehabilitation and was honored as the recipient of the coveted Chiropractic Sports Physician of the Year Award in 1999-2000. He practices in Miami Beach, Florida at the Miami Beach Family & Sports Chiropractic Center; A Facility for Natural Sports Medicine.


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