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So about 10 days ago I get a Groupon in the email box. The deal of the day was a 10 cup Zerowater pitcher for only $15 bucks!! I had been looking into them and decided to go out and buy one but when I looked, no one seemed to have them. I purchased a britta filters, an 8-cup filter pitcher for the home and one of those 'Pur' 'thing-a-majiggies' you attach to the faucet for the office.

Life went on and we drank our Britta & Pur filtered water until I get this groupon email offering the Zerowater 10-cup filter pitcher for a special promo price of $15.  I almost didn't go for it because it was just days before that I bought those Britta filters, but from everything I've read, this was the filter I really wanted so I did the groupon deal and purchased one for the house and another for the office.

Today, yes just a little while ago my trusted UPS guy brings the 2 packages. I un-box one of them and follow the instructions, washed it out with warm soapy water and filled it up. Before it had a chance to filter the first batch of Zerowater through, I had taken the water testing device that comes with it and tested the tap water vs the Pur filtered water and then finally the Zerowater once it had filtered through.

The tap water (Miami Beach's Finest) tested 181 parts per million (ppm), the Pur filter tested 167 ppm and then Zerowater earned its name and tested 000.  As soon as I get home and test the Britta pitcher tonight, I'll edit the post to reflect those number as well.

But that's numbers. That was for my brain, now it was time to do the taste test. I've been drinking purified water since I was a young kid. My dad use to sell and install those under the sink units and as I got older (college degree, wife, kids, yada yada yada) I got into distilled water. I loved the purity and the taste of it. In my opinion, distilled water is the best water to drink. And to those that sell Alkaline water, water should be pH-Neutral. I'll be happy to argue that point with you 'til the end of time. Water=Neutral pH. Your diet however should be slightly alkaline.

Let me say, from a tongue with filtered water experience, zerowater tastes amazing. Personally, it taste similar if not the same as distilled water.  To say I'm pleased with it is an understatement. I can't wait to take the other unit home for my family tonight.

I highly recommend the Zerowater products.  This pitcher is well thought out and not only can you pull it out of the refrigerator and pour it like any other pitcher, but it has a spigot so you can simply open the 'fridge', push the button and  drink some really nice fresh tasting clean water.

For those of you doing the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program, this would be a great product for you so you can drink nice clean pure water throughout your program.  Don't worry about missing the groupon though, just go out and get one. It's worth the money.

For my fellow athletes out there. You want to make sure you give yourself the purest water you can. Sediment, toxins and other yucky stuff can reduce performance.  This is a quick and easy way to get it.

So, great job to the folks at Zerowater. I'm a believer!  Just make me a water bottle that does the same thing so I can take it on my longer bike trips.  This way I can re-fill anywhere.

'nuff said


6:15pm UPDATE
Just for kicks and giggles I took my water tester and checked the drinking fountain outside my office. It tested at 114ppm.  So the dirty yucky water fountain in the hallway had cleaner water than the PUR water faucet attached water filter. Interesting.  

The taste of the Zerowater's filtered water is really amazing. On the way home to set up my second 10-cup zerowater filter pitcher and test the water against the Britta.

9:25pm UPDATE
OK, I set up the Zerowater 10-cup pitcher at home. I tested the faucet water and it was 187, about what I expected.  I took the Britta 8-cup filter pitcher out of the refrigerator and poured about 2 inches of water into a freshly washed cup (I swirled the cup a few times with the Britta filtered water).  In went the water ppm detector and the Britta water rang up a 123.  The same probe went into the new 10-cup Zerowater pitcher and yet again, it earned its name - 000.  So, the Britta water was cleaner than the tap water by about 50%. But for the total costs, plus the cleanliness of the water you get, I'd take your Britta and Pur filters and just throw them in the garbage. The Britta was 123 compared to 181 tap water and the Pur was 167 compared to the 181 straight from the faucet water. So neither really performed it's basic fundamental tasks as far as I'm concerned. This Zerowater tastes amazing, tests clean and it's simple and easy to deal with.  I think I'm now gonna splurge for the large Zerowater 23 cup dispenser.  

I'm still hoping they will make a smaller version that can be taken biking or hiking...Until then, I'm extremely pleased with the ZeroWater product and think it's a great tool for anyone wanting to improve their health. 80% of your body is water, make sure you refill with the best H2O you can get.

'Nuff Said.

Dr. T

Dr. Narson is a 2-term past president of the Florida Chiropractic Association’s Council on Sports Injuries, Physical Fitness & Rehabilitation and was honored as the recipient of the coveted Chiropractic Sports Physician of the Year Award in 1999-2000. Dr. Narson was a member of the COPAG International Chiropractic Sports Medicine Team for the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara Mexico. He practices in Miami Beach, Florida at the Miami Beach Family & Sports Chiropractic Center; A Facility for Natural Sports Medicine.  

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